Connecting dots with the big picture in mind.

Is your project in need of a producer?  Do you need help creating a roadmap for your podcast?  Contact me to discuss how I can help.

I’ve made putting a podcast together an art form because for me, that’s what it is.  There are a lot of moving parts.  You need branding and a logo. You need a website.  You need to set up an RSS feed properly to get it into iTunes and Stitcher. You might want to generate show notes, transcripts, and you then you have to coordinate guests and putting content together.  Then there is the sound editing.  It’s a lot of work.

As your podcast producer, I help the moving parts come together.  And I can do all of the above and usually a lot more.  I have some clients that come to my home and record their podcast with me, receiving personalized coaching on the quality of their content and the delivery of their message on the fly.  I have other clients who send me tape and it’s my job to edit and upload to the RSS feed.  That’s the beauty of hiring a podcast producer — I perform the tasks that you need help with, and I am always on top of of what a project needs to be great and ultimately, a success.

As a consultant, my producing experience has fine-tuned my ear for superb audio content and I know how to get you there.  Maybe you need some voice and speech coaching on your delivery.  Maybe you want to get off-script and ad-lib a little more.  Maybe you want someone with experience to listen to the first few episodes and give notes.  Whatever it is, I’ve definitely got notes for you.