Me on a call about QP in an orchid sanctuary, December 2015. Typical.

If you spend more than five minutes with me, you’ll soon come to realize I’m obsessed with talk, radio journalism and storytelling.  This obsession has spanned for more than a decade.  From current events and news programming, to talk television and podcasts, arts and culture interviews, and even enlightening conversations between friends over the dinner table: its what I live for.

I wrote my masters thesis on Canada’s “boyfriend” George Stroumboulopoulos and his now off-air show The Hour.  At the time, it was Canada’s only late night television talk show and I was obsessed with the cool but candid interviewing style of Stroumboulopoulos, so I made it the center piece of my research.  By examining the show using a social justice paradigm, I explained how this casual style of info-tainment might help or hinder discussions on social justice issues.  I looked at interviews with activists (Barbara Becnel, Erin Brockovich, David Suzuki, Steven Lewis, and Ingrid Newkirk) and politicians (Elizabeth May, Jack Layton, Stephane Dion, Michael Ignatieff, and the at-time Governor General Michael Jean).  If you care to give Strombo Speak: Conversation Analysis, Canadian News Media and Democracy a read, send me an email!  I’m happy to share.

My non-academic career covers a multitude of other forays-into: I’ve lectured at Canadian universities, taught a Master Class in Podcasting at IIT, I’ve worked in US Immigration law, I’ve produced 10 different theatrical productions (The Vagina Monologues, The Laramie Project, Femmes: ATragedy), music videos, I’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars for LGBTQ and women’s organizations through non-traditional fundraising, I founded a Diversity & Equity Center at my college University.

These days my work centers on freelance podcasting; I consult for and produce a few different podcast series. In every other spare moment of the day, I’m typically managing the production of my very own labor of love, The Queer Public Podcast.  To hear my work, listen to the show.  That’s me, hosting!

I currently live in Philadelphia, PA as I make my transition into professional radio-making. My personal Instagram serves as evidence that I am a real person who does things.